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Black Hole Express

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“All aboard! This is the last call for the Black Hole Express!”

Margaret’s Daughter invites you to join them on their journey through the passion, heartache and joy of being alive. You will be accompanied on this train ride by a collection of music ranging from delicate acoustic songs, through tear-jerker ballads to energetic pop-rock anthems. In addition to the music, renowned Cape Town-based French artist, Brice Reignier, has prepared a booklet with full-colour illustrations to complement your experience. Every passenger will receive a complimentary copy. Co-produced by Matthew Fink, this album has an edgier tone than their previous offerings, while staying true to the original Margaret's Daughter sound. Existing fans will not be disappointed and new fans are sure to be made.

So, get your tickets for the Black Hole Express and prepare yourself to relax, dance, cry and maybe even go crazy!

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