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Take it easy - MD's  latest radio single

Over the years Margaret’s Daughter has become synonymous with folk-rock. However, their latest single, Take It Easy, is a return to the pop-rock roots of their eponymous first album. As the name implies the song is upbeat and light-hearted, but as always with MD, the lyrics are still meaningful. It is meant to be hopeful, encouraging the listener to take a chance on love again. Accordingly, the arrangement is punchy and uplifting with the signature Margaret’s Daughter harmonies front and center, supported by Ami’s rhythmic guitar playing. The piano and keyboard synths are much more prominent than on a typical guitar-driven MD song. As always Ami and Etienne composed, arranged, and produced the track themselves and played all the instruments. So put your headphones on, but don’t put your feet up yet (as you may want to tap them) and Take It Easy…

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