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How do you define success? For the band Margaret's Daughter, it's to be able to do what they love, and to have people appreciate it for what it is. They are not a "pop" band, and have never tried to be one. They grew up with the music of the Beatles, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan and Fleetwood Mac and are heavily influenced by singer-songwriters such as Heather Nova, Sarah McLachlan and K's Choice. They played folk before it was popular.

The band has had numerous "small successes" in its 11 year lifespan, but none big enough to be considered a household name. (At one point, Ami and Etienne joked about being South Africa's "most famous unknown band.")


The band has released 5 albums, have songs play-listed on national radio stations, have performed at most of South Africa's major festivals, and have even graced some international stages and festivals (Mexico, England, Spain, Mozambique).


As they've grown older, Ami and Etienne have realised that it's not an all-or-nothing-game. It is possible to make music semi-professionally; in balance with a "normal" lifestyle. This allows for a lot of creative freedom. Nowadays the duo only chooses projects and gigs that excite and inspire them.

Margaret’s Daughter can adapt their stage act to suit the venue and mood required. They perform either as an acoustic duo or as a full rock band, incorporating different musicians as the need arises. Whichever way they perform, one thing remains constant: Ami’s timeless songs and unique voice, accompanied by her rhythmic acoustic guitar playing.

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