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Calypso Bay

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Calypso Bay is an imaginary place, a combination of all the places Margaret's Daughter have visited with their music. It’s the bay from Zihuatanejo, the harbour in Palma de Mallorca, musicians coming together for a jam in a Dublin pub.
Even though there are no lyrics, each song still tells a story. In fact, the entire EP is a journey, from the Latin American groove of Mafia Town to the gypsy folk of Griquorice (rhymes with liquorice). From Dusty Boots’ country rock to the Spanish guitars of Calypso Bay, the EP sets the perfect mood for sundowners, cocktails or whatever other chill-out session you may require.

Margaret’s Daughter fans will find everything they love about the duo on Calypso Bay: synchronised guitar playing, foot-tapping rhythms, catchy melodies. Everything except the tight harmonies, of course (this is, after all, an instrumental album :).

So sit back and relax and let Calypso Bay transport you to that idyllic beach, swaying away in your hammock amongst the palm trees, sipping on an exotic cocktail.

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